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From Whence I Came,

Better Not Bitter!

Embark on an inspiring journey through the pages of Ra'Yce Martin's gripping autobiography, "From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter!" This captivating memoir takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of one person's life, weaving a tale of resilience, triumph, and the unyielding spirit that transforms adversity into opportunity.

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Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also available for In-Store purchase at Barnes & Noble @ Oak Park Mall, AiZen Root Remedy in KCMO, and Round Table Bookstore in Topeka, KS.


I was extremely broken, both inside and out. I lived under the guise that I could successfully take charge of my being and right the wrongs done to me. Raised in the church, I knew God; however, at 5 years old, my little life was violated, and thus began 11+ years of sexual abuse that created awful patterns of thinking that led to many more years not loving the skin that I was in. Trust destroyed by those that “supposedly” loved me the most, a series of bad relationships, to a horrific act causing me to almost take the life of someone I didn’t even know.

After years of faking it all, an attempt to take my own life, suffering from PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder, I was incarcerated for 11.4 years. But for His grace, I live to share my way out of that abyss.

I am proof that change is absolutely possible and that by following His will and walking in humility; forgiveness, joy, success, and favor is exactly what He had planned for me. Sometimes, we have to go through to get through. These are my truths. Today, I am Living Life on, and with, P.U.R.P.O.S.E.

Happy Readers

What they’re saying

"I’ve had this book for some weeks, but my schedule wouldn’t allow me to just sit and read. But honey, once I did, I was glued!

To meet her, and to then read about her life & watch her still be such an awesome woman is nothing short of God in her life. There was so much she had to endure to be a much needed light in such a dark world. “Better, not Bitter,” for sure.

Rayce, thank you for sharing your testimony, for putting all of your hurt in this book so that others can see that there is beauty in pain. I’ve been told to write my story, and you have inspired me to get out the pen & pad. I’m glad to be building a sisterhood with you & to know there are still good ppl in this world."

- Toy Nicole

Thank you to Ra’Yce for opening your heart and pouring it all out, releasing. I’m proud of your encouragement to no longer hold onto the hurts and what ifs. Thank you for letting us as the reader look in and see how you made it through. It takes a lot of courage to share in that way.

Simply and eloquently powerful. This book is from a first person perspective and easy to read. I’m looking forward to the sequel!


Reader Review from Amazon "From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter!" By Ms. Royce Martin

Powerful, Engaging, and Inspirational are a few words to describe this book. Ra’Yce Martin writes a heart-wrenching book about loss, pain, and the atrocities committed by other people against her. At times you will cry and rage against the experiences she endured. Other times you will cheer and celebrate her accomplishments and perseverance. In the end, Martin shares how she rose like the Phoenix from the ashes and became “better, not bitter”.


Reader Review from Amazon "From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter!" By Ms. Royce Martin

What a journey through childhood and to have come through it so purposefully and humbly. The writer really opened up with truth and I was able to really feel what she endured. Thank you for sharing your incredible story!!!


Reader Review from Amazon "From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter!" By Ms. Royce Martin

I met Ra'Yce only briefly during a Kansas City First Friday arts event, but was immediately drawn to her. As she handed me this autobiography, I saw a woman who was brave and vulnerable at the same time. She suggested that I read it on the plane ride back home. Remembering her smile kept me reading through the tough parts, because I knew there would be a happy ending. Ra'Yce is a CHAMPION, and the youtube video at the end is a victory we can all share.


Reader Review from Amazon "From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter!" By Ms. Royce Martin

Your book was great, you definitely can’t read a book by its cover.

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