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Toiya James-Brown! She answered PERSISTENCE as her pillar step!

Psalm 30:5

Joy comes in the morning!

Living Life on and with P.U.R.P.O.S.E.

It is my passion to help people understand and leverage their unique strength by discovering the core of who you are. I help unearth passions, values, and strengths, providing a solid foundation for authentic leadership and personal growth.

Resilient Leadership

It is my mission to build leaders who know how to overcome obstacles. I help equip people with strategies to turn challenges into opportunities for growth, maintaining focus and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Overcoming Obstacles

It is my goal to foster a culture of continuous improvement and resilience within individuals and team connections. I teach how to navigate challenges with confidence, promoting personal development that elevates leadership skills.

Personal Growth


Book Signing Barnes and Noble @ Oak Park Mall
From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter! By Ms. Royce Martin on Amazon
From Whence I Came, Better Not Bitter! By Ms. Royce Martin at Round Table Bookstore in Topeka, KS
Tag Talks, Dallas TX December 7-9, 2023
Autobiography available at Aizen Root Remedy in KCMO
Ms. Royce Martin Speaker and Author
Ms. Royce Martin Motivational Speaker and Author

Using personal transformation to inspire others

Royce’s Journey

From a shattered past, marked by early violations and abuse that crushed any idea of trust, I emerged as living proof that change is not just possible but transformative. Guided by unwavering purpose, I navigate life in relationships, friendships, and business ventures.

My message resonates with a diverse audience—from corporate leaders to those seeking direction, individuals exploring alternative lifestyles, spirit-guided souls, and those scarred by heartache.

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